Indigenous Life Ways

Our History...

Our Mission

As an Indigenous oriented organization, we utilize traditional knowledge, ceremonies, and a deep understanding of our communities to provide education and facilitate opportunities as we work to create health, prosperity, and capacity for ourselves, our families, and communities.

Our Beginnings...

Indigenous Life Ways (ILW) began as a collective action, culture-based organizing in 1987 as the Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum. In our 30 years we have worked with over 150 Tribal and convened a gathering of Indigenous peoples from Alaska, North America, Bolivia, Japan converged near Acoma Pueblo to discuss uranium developments and share knowledge, experiences, and strategies combating nuclear power worldwide. We continue our work protecting Sacred Sites and our precious water. 

..To Now

We work to continue the preservation of our culture, our Sacred Sites and Treaties made with Indigenous Communities. 

We network with an organize Tribes to: Record and archive our traditional language and knowledge; address sacred sites under attack; and Monitor the status of Treaties and water rights.

Engage Proactively toward Climate Adaptation. 

We provide current data on how climate change impacts indigenous communities and facilitate proactive solutions. 

Cultivate Green Pathways (Economic Development)

We provide support to indigenous organizations and individuals as they engage in and create economic opportunities based in conservation of resources, maximum utilization of renewable resources, sustainable food production, and the creation of food and resources sharing networks.

Build  Individual and Community Capacity from Within. 

We assist Dine Communities groups to build their organizational infrastructure, Promote good governance through Traditional Knowledge; Provide Leadership Development training to individuals and community groups; and Expand opportunities for Indigenous women to participate in public life. 

About Our Staff


Our Executive Director, Krystal Curley

Krystal Curley is a mother, wife and protector.  Her passion for defending the sacred life we were blessed with.   Through her community organizing skills.


Our Program Manager, Kooper "Indigenize" Curley

Love music? Then this is the right place.  Kooper has been to over 8 school districts from Montana to Pinon AZ.  


Our Board Members...

President-Quentrah Anderson

Vice President-Anna Rondon

Tresuerer/Secertary-Loren Gray 


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