Indigenous Life Ways

Indigenous Lifeways


Indigenous Womxn Working Group

Our Goals

  1. Conduct a Community Health Impact Surveys to evaluate the perceived impact of violence against women, the gaps in services, current policies either supporting or inhibiting women from protection, and recommendations for improvement. 
  2. Lead Healing Circles with a variety of healers, including clinical therapists, traditional medicine practitioners and/or faith representatives that will help guide discussions on indigenizing the way we recognize and deal with violence in our communities. Healing Circles will discuss traditional Dine’ roles and responsibilities, toxic masculinity, healthy relationships, self-esteem, safety awareness, how to identify, report and identify resources in cases of abuse, parenting and early childhood education. 
  3. Provide a minimum of three Public Education Workshops within varying local communities to raise awareness of MMIW data, Domestic Violence and ways to prevent and/or locate resources for violence-related issues. 
  4. Advocate for policy implementation and/or change within the local (city/county), state and tribal government to ensure appropriate enforcement of violence-related criminal activity, as well as sufficient attention and funding is provided to prevent and reduce violence against women in our communities. 

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We encourage indigenous womxn and two spirits to become apart of our IWWG. We are believe when we work together we can combat and prevent Domestic Violence and Abuse in our communities.

We are currently looking for financial donations to help with food, venue fees, incentives for participates, and gifts for