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Check out this great video by our Executive Director, Krystal Curley. Its a film about the importance of water and prayer. 

This film is dedicated to all past, present, and future water protectors. We must stop the genocide of indigenous peoples and stop the destruction of sacred sites. 

Here is a PSA announcement made in partnership with WE WON'T STOP campaign in New Mexico. 

Enviornmental Racism is Real PSA. 

Keeping Chaco Sacred is a film produced in 2015.  Please share the film to bring more awareness about the dangers of Fracking and the importance of protecting sacred sites.

Check out this great video about our hand delivered letter to demand Saddle Butte Company to stop all planning of Pinon Pipeline that would harm our sacred site, Chaco Canyon. 

A demonstration to protect our sacred San Francisco Mountains.

This demonstration was outside Southwestern Regional Forester Office in ABQ, NM in 2011. 

A film showing Krystal and Kooper's experience at the 2009 Powershift youth conference. 

Kooper expressing why we need to stop uranium mining. Kooper is standing outside an enclosed meeting with leaders planning to mine again.