Literacy Spheres


About the Program

ILW has the opportunity to build our concept of "Literacy Spheres";  Cultural Literacy; Intergenerational Trauma; Financial Literacy; Energy Literacy; and Food Literacy. Each Sphere addresses each concept from an indigenous cultural perspective which will work to build a family of networks that creates solutions to communities of color facing  disparities. This will be done by providing organizational capacity building via a network leadership development curriculum within the each Literacy Spheres Through this, current and future leaders will be shown how to utilize traditional knowledge, wisdom and ceremonies as they guide their organizations to build networks, with an eye towards movement building within, and between Tribal and non-Tribal organizations. We have  launched our first Literacy Spheres Camp Series on September 23-24 2017 in Gallup, New Mexico and will focus on the importance Food, Culture and Financial Literacy. 


Food, Culture, Financial Literacy


Energy and Climate Literacy

This portion of out literacy spheres experiences includes a hands-on Navajo toxic tour that focus on Dine culture, history, and possible future. We will be visiting sacred places and participates will understand the importance of preservation and continuation of Dine lifestyle. Topics that will be discussed and explored will include, cultural stories, sacred sites, and the effects of fossil fuel and benefits of renewable energy.


Intergenerational trauma

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Our Programs



Youth Wellness

The intent of our Wellness programs is to promote a healthy lifestyle for all ages that is based on indigenous beliefs. Our topics include Dine Farming, healthy food demonstrations, importance of water, storytelling, and physical fitness. 

Resiliency Camp

The camp will focus on ways of becoming resilient to modern day difficulties that Indigenous people endure. Being mentally, physically, and spiritually aware of your surrounds is the essence of indigenous survival. Topics that will be discussed and explored will include, Self-Defense, Food as Medicine, Art as Activism, Dine Morning Teachings, Lakota Sweat Lodge, Jemez Traditional Games and various inter-tribal teachings. 



Frontline Support is our inter-tribal outreach program that provides support in prayer, ceremony, music, film, and direct-action organization for communities that are facing the consequences of colonialism. 

We believe that through these actions we are able to preserve our indigenous life ways.

We have been able to reach communities across Turtle Island from Alaska to Hawaii we have provided support and prayers with our indigenous brothers and sisters facing injustices caused by environmental racism. 

Visit our media page for photos, videos, and music from our journeys on the frontlines.